Don't be a follower, set the trends for yourself.

A lot of local Grand Junction companies get caught up in what their competitors are doing, assuming their competitors have an edge over them. We can assure you this is usually not the case. If you set the trend and strategically work toward your own marketing goals, your competitors will soon follow your tactics This puts you at an advantage while they are wasting time on a strategy that was developed for you.

Never Overlook your website.

Yes guilty as charged. 970PRO has been guilty of this, but its important we recognize this and take action. This is why you are reading this sentence as we speak. To often we as business owners get caught up in the stuff. For us its helping others with their sites, designs, or even video production. We all get into the mentality that if its up and working leave it alone. This is something to be ashamed of. In the digital world we live in, customers will pre-shop you without even knowing your face, products, or services. If your site is outdated, static, or not branded with your current identity, new potential customers might not even give you a chance and your loyal customers may assume you have the same old things. When was the last time you went to your own site, to make sure you don't have dead links or outdated content? Google and other search engines frown on this and thats a SEO no no!

Don't jump into every bandwagon marketing idea.

How many times have you spotted a QR code on a billboard? When the heck are you going to have time to whip your phone out going 45 MPH and get to that QR scanning app before you pass it. Or another example a QR code in a TV advertisement. The typical TV ad is 15-30 seconds, is your target audience fast enough to scan that before their show comes back on? Do you really think they will keep their phone ready for the off chance that they may see your commercial again. The answer is no they won't.

Find what the benefits are to your service or product.

Customers don’t just buy products – they buy the products or services for what they can do for them. If you can engage them by creating a feeling of something they are missing from their life, your campaign will be successful.

Single focus on your target audience.

If you can find your niche or push the products or services that sell the most, we highly suggest thats where you start a campaign. We all should know "A rise in tide, brings up all ships."

Have clear goals, and be consistent.

Enough said.

Don't be afraid to stand out.

Be yourself, but don't be scared to push the envelope. There are a lot of campaigns that have been very edgy and as society breaks the mold of being funny and humorous there is a strategy to this. Sometimes the strategy is to be controversial so people talk about it. A recent example of something that gained a lot of attention but is still politically correct is Starbucks holiday red cup campaign. To the public and untrained eye it just looks like they are taking a stand to celebrate everyone equally and not just people who celebrate Christmas. Although this controversial topic has been covered by every media outlet on the planet, One thing is certain.... People talked about Starbucks everyday for at least a week. Starbucks Coffee sales skyrocketed because everyone who opposed it or agreed with their stance went and bought a cup of coffee to see it with their own eyes, even if it was in disbelief or to rant about it later.