Strategy is when you want to increase foot traffic to your event, or drive more people to engage on your website. 970PRO offers strategy that is based upon clear goals and a strong, strategic foundation. We have years of testing different marketing strategies on businesses just like yours.


Here are 6 mistakes that some local companies make regularly.


1. They don't have a 'why'

2. They mistreat people that touch their brand

3. They tolerate mediocrity

4. They become blind to first impressions

5. They buy into mass-market thinking

6. They focus on campaigning instead of storytelling


At 970PRO we know this is not the first thing an owner thinks about when it comes to marketing. Once your TV commercial ends or half page ad in a local magazine stops running, all that is left is the sticky residue of smoke and mirrors. The temporary buzz that you built will fade day by day and if you didn't use strategy, you didn't convert those new buyers into long term loyal customers.