New Designs, And a Thanks!

New website design!

Finally we are up and running with a newly designed website. With this new platform we can help bring information to our readers and followers regarding topics related to residential homes. Educating folks about thier home, buying and selling, and general inspection information is one aspect of our services that we greatly enjoy and do as much as possible.

Regularly we will be posting information from helpful articles, general information about inspections, tips to keep your home in good working condition, ideas that may help you make better buying and selling decisions, and just all around inspection observations.


New business card design!

We have just received our new business cards. These were exactly what we were wanting. We want to give a big thanks to local a company and designer Josh Meuwly of 970PRO. If you are in need of graphics or marketing you may want to give 970PRO a shout to see what they can do for you!



The Raw Canvas, 755 Rood Ave., is a new gallery in town that combines art, tattoos and music. From left to right are Nathan Elliott, Noel Daugherty and Justin Nordine.

Going Raw

The grand opening for the art and music at Raw Canvas Custom Tattoo Studio, 755 Rood Ave., will start at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 6.

Nathan Elliott will perform and the work of a number of local artists will be on display. The artists are Noel Daugherty, Danielle Dias, Gigi Hawks, Janet Kelleher, Julie Anderson, Kelly Robison, Kendra Tinsley, Melissa Pruitt and Josh Meuwly and Raw Canvas owner Justin Nordine.

“People will want to see this show,” Daugherty said.


October 29, 2012


Beautiful Colorado has several things going at the moment – they’re a state up for grabs election-wise, they have those gorgeous mountains, and they have a new Promo Director out in Grand Junction. Welcome to KREX JOSH MEUWLY. He’s a multi-talented guy who holds a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Colorado and has been involved in productions a branding company called 970 Productions. Sounds like KREX got very lucky. Well Dunne! Josh